Discord's New Go Live Streaming Feature Will Launch August 15

Discord logo with the app shown on multiple devices

Discord, the go-to chat service for gamers, is unleashing a new feature, Go Live. The feature will allow members to stream games within the server, hosting up to 10 people. The feature will launch August 15.

Reported first by Polygon, the feature doesn’t aspire to rival Twitch, the current top streaming service owned by Amazon. Instead, Go-Live is something like playing a game for your friends to watch. In a way, it’s a return to the old days of going to a friend’s house and watching them play Kingdom Hearts for hours, except your friends are at their computers and possibly not even in the same country.

Go Live is a bit like the screen sharing feature that Discord private calls already have, but server-wide and requires game detection to run. The feature can host up to 10 people, but that includes the streamer. Multiple people per server can use Go Live, but only Go Live can only be activated once per voice channel. Server admins can always edit the number of voice channels available if they wish to limit how many people are using Go Live at any given point.

Go Live can be activated or deactivated at any time, says Polygon, through the Discord desktop app, or the game overlay. As for quality, base users get to stream in 720p automatically. Nitro Classic users can upgrade to 1080p, and Nitro users can stream in up to 4k. 

Polygon notes that some users will get Go Live on August 15, and it will spread to everyone over the following two weeks.

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