Pokemon GO Suicune Raid Day Confirmed for August 17

Pokemon GO Suicune Raid Day August 17

For those eager for the next, big raid in Pokemon GO, have no fear. Niantic is going to hold the next one on Aug. 17, featuring Suicune.

The information was confirmed by Serebii.net, who shared the information from their official Twitter page. You can see the tweet below.

This event is happening due to certain parameters getting met during the Pokemon GO Fest in Yokohama from all of the teams in the game. To boot, players have the opportunity to capture a shiny Suicune during the event, because who doesn't enjoy the opportunity for big rewards for big challenges? 

Pokemon GO trainers who have never participated in a Suicune raid, you're going to find it significantly easier than some of the others in the game. Suicune is a pure Water-type Pokemon, making it extremely vulnerable to electric and Grass-types. Trainers are likely to want to use their Grass-types first, to ensure any of Suicune's water attacks do little to no damage to their Pokemon.

If any trainer is interested in learning about the exact statistics are going to be for capturing Suicune during the event, you can check out the entire break down on this website. Trainers who wish to add the legendary dog to their line-up should make sure they have plenty of Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries in their backpack to prepare to capture the fearsome creature.

Make sure you're ready for the event! The Suicune Raid kicks off on Aug. 17. Keep your eyes up for the raid and prepare to run the Suicune in your area down.

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