Xbox Game Studios Head Talks Perfect Dark Reboot

Xbox Game Studios Head Talks Perfect Dark Reboot

During an interview with GameInformer, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty discussed all things Xbox. During one moment of the video, which you can watch below, was rather interesting because it saw him talk about a Perfect Dark reboot.

Of course, Booty wasn't particular about what's up with the beloved Rare intellectual property. He did share some intel about the way Microsoft is handling its older IP and franchises, which is said to be focused more on "passion" from the creators rather than an exec push on getting those back. That happened in the cases of Battletoads at Dlala Studios and Killer Instinct.

"The way Battletoads came about was, some of the people who are involved in working on it approached Craig Duncan [Rare studio head] and said, ‘hey, we remember growing up on this game and would love to put our own twist on the IP’," Booty said (via VGC).

"Craig and I had a conversation and we loved their energy…," Booty said. "That’s the kind of thing I love. It’s been a few years now but I was fortunate enough to work with the team who rebooted Killer Instinct. That really came about because there was an energy and a passion for it."

"Those are the scenarios that I love and I think that those tend to work out a little better than trawling through a spreadsheet going, ‘ah, nobody’s done this in a while, maybe we could reboot that one’," Booty added. "I think when somebody has a personal passion for it, it can really work out."

There've been multiple rumors back when many thought a Perfect Dark IP was getting rebooted. One specific 'leak' even linked the game to The Coalition, the studio behind the Gears of War franchise. From what we read, however, things are still very, very early on that kind of project.

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