Subnautica Developers Want G2A To Fulfill Their Promise To Pay For Credit Card Chargebacks


Charlie Cleveland, director, and designer of Unknown World's splash hit Subnautica, took to Twitter to challenge G2A. He wants them to come good on their promise to pay back 10 times the credit card chargeback fees that devs have accrued through their key selling platform. 

G2A has been under renewed fire lately for their seeming lack of desire to do anything about illegally obtained keys getting sold through their platform. The company recently claimed it would develop an essential blocking tool to allow developers to mark keys that they did not want to be resold. They would get marked as either review copies or giveaway codes. This tool would not solve the problem of people using stolen credit card details to purchase keys and then reselling them through G2A. 

G2A claimed the tool would be expensive to develop, something that Cleveland does not see as accurate. "It's a load of crap that this tool would be expensive to develop," he said in a comment on an article published by

According to Cleveland, the company dealt with $30,000 in credit card chargebacks from sales of illegally obtained keys for Natural Selection 2 through G2A. So, he challenged G2A to make good on its promise to pay them 10 times those fees, coming to a cool $300,000. 

G2A has yet to respond, but we will keep you updated when they do.  

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