No Man's Sky Beyond Won't Wipe Players Creations

No Man's Sky Beyond Won't Wipe Players Creations

Previous updates for No Man's Sky have been wiping players' creations as soon as they've been released, but this time around Hello Games has managed to prevent this from happening, so you can keep all your progress when Beyond launches later today.

"People have invested so much time and effort into No Man's Sky, hundreds of millions of hours," said the creator of the game, Sean Murray. "Unlike Next, we aren't wiping the servers or rebooting the universe. We know how much people care about their creations and discoveries."

"For you and us, this is version 2.0, but for VR players, and new players, this is their first experience," he added on the importance of welcoming new gamers in the NMS universe. "We're glad to have you on the journey with us, the community is warm and welcoming, and Hello Games look forward to surprising you in future."

Interestingly, once again Murray uses the concept of a new 'foundation' for No Man's Sky, one which will allow the developer to use the Beyond update to make more and bigger things in the future for the users of the title.

"We've focused on other ways to give the game new life and variety, but know also that Beyond provides a broader foundation for radical things in the future," he shared on Twitter, indeed, as "Beyond is just another step."

So, are you playing No Man's Sky Beyond today as soon as it releases? 

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