No Man's Sky Beyond Estimated Release Time

No Man's Sky Beyond

No Man's Sky Beyond arrives today, bringing a vast amount of changes to the game. From improved graphics to new systems, quality of life improvements and improved language learning, the changes could only be described as "sweeping." Everyone is very eager to get stuck into the newest iteration of the game, but what exactly is the estimated release time?

No Man's Sky Beyond Estimated Release Time

No Man's Sky Beyond is expected to release between 4 pm to 6 pm BST, as Hello Games is an English game developer. That means around 11 am to 1 pm Eastern Time, 8 am to 10 am Pacific Time, or 10 am to 12 pm Central Time

One of the more significant changes that are coming with the Beyond update will be full VR support, allowing people to play the game in virtual reality. There will also be no reset of the game like there was with the last update, allowing you to revisit all your favorite places in Virtual Reality. You will also be able to play with people who are not playing in VR, meaning you won't have to split up your friends.

Encounters with other players will now be represented by full character models, allowing you to see each other's character and ship customization. The Space Anomaly has also been transformed into an all-new social hub. This strange space exists across all systems and galaxies, giving you the chance to make new friends and go on missions together. 

The Beyond update feels like it is living up to the game's early promise, and thankfully we only have a couple of hours left to wait.

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