X2 Football 2010 available for iPhone and iPod Touch

X2 Football 2010 the football game for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available for download and purchase at Apple App store.

X2 Games has announced that X2 Football 2010, the second title in the X2 Football franchise, will launch on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch today! Following on from 2009’s highly-acclaimed debut, X2 Football 2010 ups the ante for football gaming on its platform with a host of new features and optimisations to further cement the X2 Football franchise as the definitive game of handheld football for Apple devices.

X2 Football 2010 launches with an all-new Dream Team mode, where players start with a low-ability team and through progressive multiplayer and‘quick match’ games, earn tokens to spend on team improvements, including scouting for professional players, to build the ultimate world-beating squad. Adding to features found in the previous release, the new version sees the return of X2 Football’s genre defining floating analogue controls, the inclusion of over 150 club teams, ten national leagues and extended commentary and online multiplayer all combining to create the ultimate iPod touch and iPhone football experience for the summer and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Play More: With over 150 club teams, 30 competitions and the all new“Dream Team” mode.
  • Play Anywhere: Connect with friend or foe over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or online!
  • Play Faster: With refined controls and 3GS optimizations
  • Play Smarter: Against enhanced defensive and attacking player AI.
  • Exclusive soundtrack from Trouble Over Tokyo
  • X2 Football 2010 is available to download now from the App store, priced at£3.99


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