Uncharted 3 beta patch 1.01 is of no use, PS3 freeze issue continue

Earlier today, Naughty Dog released a patch 1.01 for Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta inorder to fix the freezing and frame rate issues, but it seems like the patch is of no use, as gamers are still reporting that their PS3 is still getting locked completely and required a hard reboot.

Uncharted 3 screenshot

It has been reported that the problem seems to occur after a match is finished, as gamers get "Disconnected from the PlayStation Network" error message. After this, the console gets freeze completely and it require a hard reboot (holding the power button down or switching off directly from rear).

After the console is rebooted, the multiplayer beta does not connect and gives an error which reads as, "Error Initializing Session Manager" or "Error Getting Ticket."

Did you experience any other problem, apart from the one mention above, do let us know as a comment to this post.

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