Sony to Announce Premium PSN Subscription at E3: Rumor

A paid subscription for PSN Service is on card from Sony as an well placed source reveals that Sony will be making an announcement regarding a Premium PSN Subscription at E3.

This premium service will be an optional one, it will be of £50 per year and the user will be able to get its hand on premium download and new features. There is every possibility that premium service user may get to download two to four game for free of cost that too every month. The source also reveal that the a much awaited and requested feature cross-game voice chat will not be included in this subscription.

The rumor about the premium service is doing the round for more than a year or so, but question arise is whatever feature is provided to user is it that much effective and worth or not?. It can only be clear when Sony decides to give complete details of it, they may provide it at E3 or on any day of their choice.

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