Insomniac comments on complaints regarding use of PSN Pass in Resistance 3

Sony recently announced that the firm will be implementing an online pass called as "PSN Pass", which is a one time redeemable code used to unlock full online multiplayer access for a specific game.

The very first game which will used new PSN Pass is Insomniac's Resistance 3. When fans of the game learned about this, they were not at all happy about this decision, and voiced their discomfort on developer's community forum and twitter.

Resistance 3 PS3 bundle

James Stevenson, Senior Community and Marketing Manager at Insomniac has left following response to the complaints on developer's forum:

If you buy R3 new, nothing will change and the PSN pass is free inside the box.
There is no "monthly fee"
more specifics when I can share

On Twitter, when a fan threatened not to buy any of Insomniac games because of PSN Pass, James replied:

Not buying Resistance 3 hurts Insomniac more than Sony. Will you not buy any future Sony games?

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