Red Dead Redemption Patch Update Released

Rockstar today has release a patch (title update) for their latest game title Red Dead Redemption, so playstation 3 gamers can have download it from Playstation network and Xbox 360 gamers from Xbox Live. This Patch update of Red Dead Redemption will resolve some of the multiplayer issue in the game.

There is much more from Rockstar for the gamers of Red Dead Redemption as begininig from today a "Kill a Rockstar Multiplayer Tournament" is run by them where gamers has to track down roving posses of Rockstar employees on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for getting there chance of winning the Red Dead Rockstar Trophy/Achievement. Once gamers had their hand on this trophy they will automatically get enroll into Rockstar Game Social Club and also a chance of having a one of its kind of multiplayer character in the upcoming download content of the game.

So go to Playstation Network and on Xbox Live and download this patch(title Update) of Red Dead Redemption.

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