All new Content for Warrior Epic

True Games, an international publisher of multi-player online games, today announced the release of all new content for the popular action-adventure MMO, Warrior Epic. The new updates include a brand new crafting system and six new, crafted Legendary Weapons and character emotes. To kick off the latest update, Warrior Epic is hosting a "Defeat Megafauna Challenge" on May 23rd and May 30th.

The new crafting system, or Item Synthesis, finally allows players to create more powerful items and weapons using items which can be collected from killing certain monster bosses. Crafting may be accessed through the new synthesis panel located in the lobby, Providian Castle. Players can also create six Legendary Weapons through synthesis that are imbued with super powers. The new weapons include Scourge of the Woodsprites, B.IG. 606, Soul Gainer, Blessing of the Ancients, Flame Purgatory and Muramasa. Players may synthesize these in the shop and purchase them with Prestige. In addition, new emotes are now available in the chat panel while players are in Providian Castle. The emotes consist of new animations for each character that allow players to experience cheering, dancing, laughing, and more.

"These are the fun updates that really add to the depth of the game," said Peter Cesario, director of product development for True Games Interactive. "The new crafting system, super weapons, and emotes will give both new and old players great entertainment."

To celebrate the release of the new content, True Games is hosting a "Defeat Megafauna Challenge". On May 23rd and May 30th players will gather in groups of 4 to tackle the awesome but deadly Megafauna. The team that defeats Megafauna fastest each day will win great prizes such as t-shirts, signed concept art, and in-game gold.

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