ESPN to bring Social Games

ESPN has enter his foot in to the gaming world by announcing their involvement in the social gaming bandwagon. ESPN along with their partner Playdom will be creating a set of games which will be available for the gamers to play on social networking site like Facebook, MySpace, Hi and many more. Even more good news is that this game will be available in mobile form also.

This patrnership will sure see a great growth as Playdom is currently the third most successful distributator of social games just behind Zynga and Playfish and ESPN has seen a continues growth.

Playdom CEO, John Pleasants, said that, "While new brands have been created in the social gaming category, we, at Playdom, believe working with existing intellectual property will become increasingly important over time and are pleased to be incorporating ESPN's brand and vast library of content into several new social games that are in development."

So for those who has been waiting for some sort of more excitement and a wind of change in to social gaming than watch out for this partnership of ESPN and Playdom.

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