Capcom: Fans will decide gender of Poison in Street Fighter X Tekken

Last week at Comic Con, Capcom revealed new characters for their upcoming game "Street Fighter X Tekken". One of the surprises was "Poison" from Final Fight series. There are two reason for surprise, first, Poison has never been a playable character in Street Fighter game, and second Poison is gaming's first transsexual character.


If all of you can recollect properly Poison was a female in arcade version of Final Fight, but was changed to a male in the SNES version of Final Fight. Now  Capcom has announced that fans of the game will decide the gender of Poison in Street Fighter X Tekken.

During a panel at Evo 2011, Yoshinori Ono confirmed the news. On Twitter Seth Killian said, "Poison gender to be decided by fans voting = Ultimate user generated content".

No details were revealed as to when this campaign will begin.

Well i'll be going for a female Poison in Street Fighter X Tekken, what are your choice guys "MALE or FEMALE POISON", let us know as a comment to this post.

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