Bethesda unveils RAGE Collector's Edition

Bethesda has announced a Collector's Edition for their upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter RAGE. The game is develope by creators of DOOM, Wolfenstein and Quake and it make use of ID tech 5 engine.

RAGE screenshot

RAGE Collector's Edition features quite a bit of stuff as well as Anarchy Edition gamers get for pre-ordering it early. RAGE is schedule to launch on October 7 for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

Check out the details about RAGE Collector's Editon and cover art below:

Making of DVD

  • This will take you behind the scenes of the games many different modes from single player to online car combat. The devs will also discuss the various enemies, weapons, environments and ammo types as well as include their QuakeCon 2011 event on the disc.

Comic Books

  • This comic is set prior to the game’s storyline and will feature different characters and events that give you a background on what is going on when the game picks up. It was developed with the direct participation of RAGE’s creative director, Tim Willits.


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