InFamous 2 Update 3 available now for download

Suker Punch has released the new and free Infamous 2 update 3, which brings tons of improvements and many new additions to UGC.

According to the details revealed by the developer, Devourer and Titan bosse are now available in players created missions. Players can make use of them in any way they want, but all they need to make sure is its legal in at least 48 states.

Infamous 2 screenshot

A new mission review system has also been implemented, and so players can now rate their favorites and even help other players build better missions with their feedback.

Other improvements are:

  • Relative Health. You can now change “Health” and “Cole’s Energy” modifiers as percentages.
  • Volume/Monitor Reset. New “Reset When’ option on Volume and Monitor logic objects lets you change how or when they can be reset after being triggered.
  • Author Mission Search. Search results will now display the level author’s name.

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