Finger Footie Football Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Yellow Monkey Studios have developed Finger Footie for Apple handheld platforms. The game is scheduled for release on June 11– the same day the Football World Cup 2010 commences in South Africa.

The game boasts of myriad features such as Zoom-In, Zoom-Out, tilting the phone while the ball is in air to give it more curve. Besides, its top-down view enables players to plan their strategies and implement them with greater ease.

“Finger Footie is different from other football-based games in the Appstore,” says Shailesh Prabhu, who is the director of Yellow Monkey Studios.“The player does not control gameplay using the D-Pad, but swipes his finger across to carry, pass and kick the ball.”

The game will be available for all Apple platforms i.e. the iPod Touch, iPhone, and the electronic major’s latest buzz– the iPad.

In addition to Finger Footie, Yellow Monkey Studios have also developed games in other genres such as fighting, sports and casual games for various clients in India and abroad.

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