Resident Evil 6 take place in Canada (Update: RE6 trailer is FAKE)

So guys Resident Evil 6 has been official announced by Capcom at TGS today. The publisher also revealed a teaser trailer of the game which carries certain hints.

Resident evil 6

One of the most important hint was the number "48.415802,-89.2673". Now after doing a bit of investigation we can confirm to you that Resident Evil 6 take place in Canada. The numbers "48.415802,-89.2673" are nothing but coordinates that point to Thunder Bay in Ontario Canada (for confirmation type it into GOOGLE MAP).


According to Resident Evil 6 teaser trailer, Canada is the place where the cure to the T-Virus/G-Virus is.

Update 2: RESIDENT EVIL 6 Trailer and Images are FAKE

Just a few minutes ago IGN's Rich George on his personal Twitter account said, "Resident Evil 6 teaser is fake. This comes from multiple contacts at Capcom.". More details HERE.


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