Skyrim new details: Features "New Speechcraft system", allows players to hide UI

It's PETE HINES again, the man has revealed some startling new details regarding Bethesda's upcoming RPG Skyrim. Over the course of a day, Pete Hines took questions from Skyrim fans on Twitter, and in turn revealed many new details about the game.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screenshot

According to Hines, gamers will be able to disable HUD display completley, all they need to do is set the opacity of the overlay to zero. This will allow players to hide compass; health, stamina and magicka bars; and crosshairs, and play Skyrim without any sorts of visual impediments.

Plants, flowers and stems will disappear physically from surroundings and environments while harvesting inorder to reflect the fact the players have harvested them.

It was confirmed in the past, the Speechcraft minigame from Oblibion has been completely replaced by a new system which is similar to Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

Speechcraft in Skyrim will have tree full of associated perks to further enhance its use. Alchemy has also seen a huge change in Skyrim. It can now only be conducted within laboratory or work station. Players will no longer be able to brew potions wherver they live.

Last but not the least, third person move in Skyrim happens automatically, and players can disable it. This happens similar to the slow motion effect in Fallout 3.

Skyrim is schedule to launch on November 11.

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