DICE explains why there's no Commander in Battlefield 3

DICE has revealed the reason behind why there is no "COMMANDER" in their upcoming shooter "Battlefield 3".

Speaking at Eurogamer Expo, Karl Magnus Troedsson said, "When the dev team sat down and thought about this, the Commander role was a very important and hot topic in the studio I have to say,"

Battlefield 3 screen

"Some people wanted us to implement it in the absolute same way as we had before; some of us wanted us to reinvigorate how we do it.

"I don't know how many people have tried to play as a Commander in Battlefield 2, but it's kind of a strange experience. Everyone agrees that that actual role of the Commander is very, very cool. But the problem is that only one person per team could play it, and it was always the highest ranking one.

"But even for the people that played as a Commander, the first thing they did was what? They ran off to a corner somewhere and lay down there and tried to hide so the Spec Ops guy wouldn't find them when he was going to blow up the installations.

"They basically spent the whole match lying on the ground on some obscure corner of the map, hoping not to get knifed in the back and trying to support people."

Troedsson concluded the session by saying, "There was something very cool about the Commander role and there was also something a bit flawed, we have to say."

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