Brave Arms Closed Beta Testing Begins

3G Studios, Inc. is proud to announce that beta testers have been chosen for the first round of closed beta for its upcoming social first person shooter Brave Arms. Testing began on a smaller scale Monday, May 24 to ensure a smooth launch as closed beta testing will continue to grow from here on out.

Beta access has been granted to selected players among the registered users, and more and more players will be able to enter the game in advance of the general public throughout several phases of testing. The closed beta testing process will consist of extensive play sessions and collaboration with the development team to deliver feedback and suggestions to improve overall game play.

Brave Arms is the new first-person shooter (FPS) game available on the popular social networking platform, Facebook. Users can play with friends in a 3D environment with customizable characters, weapons and more. Applications for Brave Arms Beta can be found here To view in-game video footage visit our Youtube page and for updates and other information follow us on Twitter.

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