Reason Why GT 5 is better than Forza 4

We all know that Forza 4 will directly rival Gran Turismo 5 which already has been launched last year. But which one among these two is a better option for racing game fans?

Forza 4 vs GT 5

Dan Greenwalt, in an interview to revealed some new details about Forza 4 and also explained the reason behind Forza 4 not including weather effects and night racing unlike Gran Turismo 5.

Dan explains that most of the progress has gone into creating image based lighting model (IBL). However Forza 4 does feature alternate time of the day but only for few environments.

Check out below what Greenwalt said:

"For Forza 4, the majority of our graphical investment went into our new image-based lighting (IBL) model, as well as new material shaders, which give our cars and tracks such a realistic, detailed look. With IBL, supporting the general look of night is not particularly hard."

"However, we take frame rate pretty seriously—we believe that having a solid 60 frames per second (FPS) experience with no tearing is very important for a simulation racing game. Delivering night is about more than just getting the general look right. As we found on the original Forza Motorsport, having multiple headlight projections with multiple cast shadows is computationally heavy—even using clever tricks like we did on the less powerful original Xbox platform. This makes delivering a strong night racing experience very difficult at 60 FPS without significant compromise."

"Creating believable weather effects also depends upon gobs of particles and lots of shiny, reflective surfaces. There are several tricks for doing this, but it would still have made delivering the new graphical fidelity of FM4 at a solid 60 FPS nearly impossible in our development timeframe."

He further mention that they could have make something to add weather and other effects.

"If we cut down on the number of cars on track, used original Xbox-generation car models, dropped to 30 FPS, or (and this would be the most effective solution) built specific tracks from the ground-up to have less detail and thus extra performance headroom, then night racing and/or weather conditions may have been possible."

"Some of those trade-offs, we just were not willing to do. Others would require time that we used to develop other features in the game—specifically, the new graphical look of the game in general. Night and weather are features we will continue to evaluate as the franchise continues. We’re waiting for the right time to deliver these features to our fans."

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