New Free PSPgo Games Offer

If you were thinking of buying a new PSPgo from Sony than this one is for you, as Sony will soon be announcing a new incentive scheme to boost the sale of PSPgo. This offer will be available for all of those who register their PSPgo after 1st April 2010.

The actual offer of is that those will register PSPgo after April 1st 2010 will get 10 full game download, the game which will be there involves Grand Theft Auto, 2010 FIFA World Cup, LittleBigPlanet.

SCEA Sales Director (UK) said that, “On PSPgo we’ve decided to innovate with that particular business model, Next month we’re launching a free ten game offer. And this isn’t just older titles – we’ve worked with third parties and there’s some really  good core products. We’re using it as a method to drive the hardware as well by making the whole proposition much more appealing".

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