Reports: Hackers linked FIFA 12 to hacked accounts of Xbox Live

According to many new reports on various gaming forum, FIFA 12 and FIFA 11 have been linked to hacked accounts of Xbox Live. Many Xbox Live subscriber have reported of unauthorised purchase made using their credit card on file or with points already associated with their accounts.

Xbox Live

According to the details, the common thing between complaints appears to be FIFA 11 and FIFA 12.

"Yesterday, my live account got hijacked and charged just over $100. Specifically, two large purchases of points followed by the download of FIFA 12, which had 2 achievements unlocked for the game, and every MS point spent on Gold Premium Packs and DLC,"

The above gamer complaint that he wasn't even at home when the purchases took place, and that he came to know about this via confirmation email that Microsoft sends.

Other complaints similar to this, "Sure enough, all of the Microsoft points that were stored in my XBL account had been spent on in game items for FIFA 11(I don’t own that game… hell, I don’t even like soccer video games) and whoever spent my MS points had then tried to purchase more. Presumably, when that purchase failed, they abandoned my account and went on to steal from some other unsuspecting gamer."

On all these things Microsoft has following things to say:

"We do not have any evidence the Xbox Live service has been compromised. We take the security of our service seriously and work on an ongoing basis to improve it against evolving threats.  However, a limited number of members have contacted us regarding unauthorized access to their accounts by outside individuals.  We are working with our impacted members directly to resolve any unauthorzied changes to their accounts."

"It's not a title specific issue and is coincidental that FIFA has been tied to a number of compromised accounts,"

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