Why BF3 has no Splitscreen Multiplayer

Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director at DICE, in a recent interview with IGN has revealed the reason why Battlefield 3 has no splitscreen multiplayer.

BF3 Wallpaper

IGN quizzed Gustavsson why Battleifield 3 has no splitscreenscreen multiplayer, whereas their competitor Halo and Call of Duty games includes it. What exactly is the reason behind skipping such a popular feature for Battlefield 3.

"Overall I would say I love splitscreen," Gustavsson admitted. "Maybe at some point we’ll do it but we have a new engine, and usually the best recipe for ruining a project is trying to do everything. We’d rather deliver a really good gaming experience and then look forward. I think, for example, our co-op is really solid so it doesn’t feel like it’s missing the split-screen and therefore I think that we’re coming out with a really strong game, and that’s number one. Then we can look down the road and see what’s up next."

Battlefield 3 will launch on October 25 in US, and on October 28 in UK.

The PC version of the game has been leaked on various torrent site exactly 12 days before the official launch, check out more details on this HERE.

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