Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age adds The Pirate Den in upcoming update


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age released earlier this summer with a newly remastered version of the game and the included Zodiac job system that was previously unavailable in the North American PlayStation 2 release.

Now, it’s getting another update tomorrow, Nov. 22, with patch 1.04. The patch will bring back the adorable pixelated Sky Pirate’s Den that was originally unavailable in the PlayStation 4 remaster. 

First teased by Square Enix a few weeks ago, The Sky Pirate’s Den is a cute, retro-licious area that adds more sprite versions of Final Fantasy XII’s characters as you complete certain objectives. For instance, you might spend a ton of gil to earn a specific character or even be asked to use a certain attack a number of times.

Originally, The Pirate’s Den acted as a sort of achievement system since the PlayStation 2 version was bereft of that system back in the pre-PlayStation 3 days. It acted as an interesting and tangible reward system that gave players something to aim for throughout the hours and hours they’d be playing the main game. 

You’ll be able to see the Pirate’s Den beginning tomorrow, so if you’re ready to fill up your own den of retro characters, get ready to start grinding for them. Some have some pretty ridiculous requirements, but if you’re a true fan you’ll no doubt want to try for them anyway.