60 Million PS4 Shipped Worldwide By March 2017 End, Sony Predicts 78 Million Units By March 2018

Sony today shared some new PlayStation 4 sales figure details as part of their fiscal year 2016 financial results. PlayStation 4 sold 20 million units worldwide during the fiscal year 2016, according to the details revealed by Sony. This 20 million figure is very much in the line of what Sony predicted last year. This means, the total worldwide shipments of PlayStation 4 as of March 31, 2016, is 60 million units (40 Million Units during End of FY2015 + 20 Million Units during FY2016).

PS4 Sold 60 Million Units By March 2017 End

In addition to this, Sony also revealed their forecast of PlayStation 4 shipments for the fiscal year 2017, and the figure is 18 million units, which means if Sony achieves this 18 million figure then by the end of March 2018, PlayStation 4 worldwide sale will be 78 million units.

Do you think Sony will be able to pull off this feat as easily as it sounds on paper or the arrival of Project Scorpio during Holiday 2017 will have an impact on it? What do you guys think? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.