EDGE: "Killzone follow up" in development at Guerrilla Games

According to the details in the latest issue of EDGE magazine, the next game title in Killzone franchise is currently in development at Guerrilla Games.

The details in the magazine reads, "the bulk of Guerrilla's staff (is soldiering) on with the next Killzone instalment," with Killzone 2 and 3's Senior Producer Steven Ter acting as "game director on the current Killzone project".

Killzone 3

EDGE dubs the project as "Killzone follow-up". In the same issues, Guerrilla's Adrian Smith suggested that the production work on new Killzone title was well underway.

To Edge, Smith said, "we've got to continue the Killzone franchise"

SCEE has not yet announced any new Killzone title, apart from PS VITA version of Killzone. The handheld version is in development at SCE Studios Cambridge.

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