Batman: Arkham City DX11 patch LEAKED

The much awaited and highly anticipated DX11 patch for Batman: Arkham City has been leaked by an anonymous source inside Rocksteady. We are restrain from sharing the download links for the patch, but you will definitely get it, if you try to search it hard enough.

Batman: Arkham City

This Batman: Arkham City DX11 patch comes with a DX11 optimizations, and the best part is that this time around, game's FPS number won't crawl in single digit. In simple term this means, average frame-rate is higher in the in-game benchmark.

Another major benefits of this leaked DX11 patch of Batman: Arkham City, both initial and in-game loadings are faster, even when DX11/Physx setting is set to MAX. This patch carries fix for some texture issues as well.

On behave of all die-hard of Batman: Arkham City i would like ask a simple question to Rocksteady, when the patch is ready why is it taking so LONG to actually release it?

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