Playstation Move will cost less than 60€

The new device the Playstation Move (the motion-sensing controller for Playstation 3) will cost to a lower rate (approximate) of 60€. The company has confirmed an extensive catalog of packs, although the Move base consists of a driver, the PS Eye camera and a demonstration disk.

Recall that the extra control Subcontroller (which serves to control the character and certain extra activities), which serves as the Wii nunchuck, may be replaced by the Dual Shock 3.

Given the success of Pet Eye, Sony also made available to users with a pack with only one PS Move, for those who already have the PS Eye camera or want an extra controller.

About PlayStation Move :

PlayStation Move weighs 145 grams and has dimensions of 200mm x 46mm. It will have a three-axis accelerometer, a gyroscope, have three axles, and a magnetic field sensor. Outside, we have the four buttons PlayStation classic, though arranged in four corners of the center button Move, and not in the cardinal directions The Start and Select buttons on the remote side, plus a trigger and the Guide button to access the PS3 XMB.

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