New Twisted Metal details and official Box Art

Twisted Metal

David Jaffe, the man behind PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal has revealed some more details about multiplayer portion of the game. Jaffe confirmed that Warkhawk lead designer is working on servers for Twisted Metal.

Twisted MetalJaffe also confirmed Twisted Metal Health Renegeration has been adjusted since E3 build. Now the rengeration went from 2 minutes to 3 minutes, this will allow gamers to make use the map a lot more rather then sticking around in one area.

Other additional details confirmed by Jaffe are as follows:

  • 17 Competitive Multiplayer Vehicles
  • 7 Online Modes
  • Co-op Split screen for Story

Twisted Metal fans who are hoping for a Collectior Edition of the game, disappointing news for all of you, as David Jaffe confirmed that there won't be a Collector Edition for the game at launch.

Check out the official boxart of Twisted Metal below

Twisted Metal box art

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