7 Mins Of Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Footage Shows New Gameplay Mechanics, Might Not Excite You That Much


Yesterday, Ubisoft officially revealed Watch Dogs 2 with the help of a cinematic trailer featuring a new lead protagonist named as “Marcus Holloway”. The game is scheduled to launch in November 2016 and the events in the game takes place in San Francisco, according to the details officially confirmed by Ubisoft.

Watch Dogs 2

The cinematic trailer Ubisoft released did not give too many details about the new things added to the sequel. Thankfully, our friend at Eurogame, posted around 7 minutes of pure Watch Dogs 2 gameplay showing off several gameplay mechanics such as hacking, driving, interactivity with NPCs and many more things. Watch the footage below and do let us know in the comment section: whether it raised your excitement level for the game or not?

Watch Dogs 2 story is about Marcus Holloway, a wrongful victim of ctOS 2.0’s invasive crime prediction algorithm. Marcus joins the secret hacker group, Dedsec, to take on a corrupt establishment that is using technology to silently control and oppress the citizens of the San Francisco.