Jaffe: Twisted Metal Matchmaking issue fix coming out in few hours

Twisted Metal screen

Eat Sleep Play's David Jaffe has announced on Twitter that fix for Matchmaking in Twisted Metal will be deployed in few hours time. PS3 gamers are having hard time with Twisted Metal just because of this matchmaking issues, but now thanks to development team, this all is going to change.

Twisted Metal screenOn Twitter, Jaffe stated, "It looks like they’ve solved all (or at least a very big portion) of the matchmaking issues with Twisted Metal. I’ll explain best I can in my layman’s terms: quick online and select a match are pulling from the same pool. So if you are browsing, by the time you pick a game none of those players are available anymore. You only get in a game really if you get into quick match. At least I was told this (although I know some players have struggled to get into a fast match as well). Either way, progress! They say they expect to have a fix deployed in a few hours. I will keep you informed. Also, looking into the crash issue- will do my best to get some feedback on that sometime today. Thanks all!"

Did you receive the fix, share you experience of matchmaking after installing the update in the comment section below.

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