Kinect price ‘closer to launch’

After Sony reveal its Move motion controller along with its release and price detail, now it is expected and a some sort of pressure on Microsoft to reveal the details of Kinect, but it seems there is no pressure on them from the wording of Microsoft European Boss Chris Lewis.

Talkin to VG247, he said, “We haven’t said yet when we’ll come out with a price point but it will be in a timely way, for retail to have a plan for the consumers to be able to plan the expenditure.

“All I will say to you again, is that we will offer great value. We need to do that in particular to this audience that we are aspiring to appeal to and we know that we have to resonate well there. And our track record over the past ten years – I hope has proven to people that we have an appetite to remain competitive. I mean, we have to.”

He further adds, "I am pleased to say that in Europe it will also get a November launch right across the key markets, which is great,” he added. “We’re making sure of that as Don Mattrick is very fixated on synchronizing this and making sure that Europe is absolutely instep with the US and other parts of the globe."

So if you are waiting for pricing details of Kinect from Microsoft than you have to wait till it come closer to launch which is in November.

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