Wii U graphics power is less than PS3 and Xbox 360: Developers

The much awaited console from Nintendo titled as "Wii U" might have the capability to generate full HD graphics, but according to an anonymous developer it's not up to the graphics power of current generation consoles i.e PS3 and Xbox 360.

Wii UThe developer, who is aware of Wii U specification told GamesIndustry International, "No, it's not up to the same level as the PS3 or the 360,"

"The graphics are just not as powerful"

Another developer at a major firm has this same point of view, "Yeah, that's true. It doesn't produce graphics as well as the PS3 or the 360,"

"There aren't as many shaders, it's not as capable. Sure, some things are better, mostly as a result of it being a more modern design. But overall the Wii U just can't quite keep up."

Well guys how far this is TRUE we don't know, but what we can do for you is that lets you watch Nintendo Wii U Tech Demo footage that was released at E3 2011. It showcase the beautiful graphics of Nintendo new console, the Wii U.

Let us know your opinion in the comment section below, whether graphics power of Wii U is less than Xbox 360 or PS3?

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