Skyrim DLC details LEAKED in patch 1.5.26 files

It seems like first concrete details about Skyrim DLC has finally arrived (via LEAK).

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLCA BethSoft forum user made his through files of latest patch 1.5.26, and guess what he found some interesting file names.

Check out few file names in latest Skyrim patch below.



From the above files name it seems like DLC will take place in Skyrim City and gamers will face off FALMER (who want to reconquer the city). According to detective work done done by "phasmatishaunt", Falmer are what became of the snow elves after the Dwemer betrayed them by forcing them to eat toxic fungus that rendered them blind.

Who is the Snow Elf Prince?

Who exactly the Snow Elf Prince is might actually play into where the DLC is going to be set. A tome in game titled Fall of the Snow Elf Prince. The Snow Elf Prince was a mysterious snow elf that lead the Snow Elves in the Battle of the Moesring that occurred a the foot of the Moesring Mountains where the snow elves made a might last stand against Ysgramor as he lead a campaign purged them from Solstheim.

At the conclusion of the battle the Snow Elf Prince lay dead and was buried in a freshly dug barrow somewhere in Solstheim. Given the importance of the Snow Elf Prince to the Snow Elves before they were warped into the Falmer we can assume this will play some role in the Falmer invasion. Also since the Snow Elf Prince was buried in Solstheim we also know where we will likely be heading in the first expansion.

Earlier this week Pete Hines hinted that first official details of Skyrim DLC might arrive next week. Whether the above details are TURE or NOT we will definitely find out next week so stay tuned for more details on it.

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