Xbox 360 System Update v2.0.15572.0 goes LIVE, details revealed

Microsoft has just released a new Xbox 360 system update v2.0.15572.0. It activates new languages of Bing including Genres and Sorting. It also switch the layout of homescreen and now display avatar store linked right next to gamers avatar.

In addition to all this, this new update also adds a new feature to profile setting. It now ask for Height, Weight, Age, and Gender of gamers which will be used by upcoming Fitness App like Nike Fitnesss+ (schedule to launch later this year).

In short this Xbox 360 System Update v2.0.15572.0 makes following changes:

  • Avatar store added to social on the dashboard
  • Updates to the avatar store
  • Adds “Manage Exercise Info” to players Profile

Microsoft has not yet revealed official changelog for this new update. We will update the post as we get to hear something from them.

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