Two ways to access the Medal Of Honor beta

History sharpen the weapons of it's multiplayer mode, Medal Of Honor offers us today to participate in a beta dedicated. For this, Electronic Arts has thought of two ways to invite the interested players.

First way:

Pre-Order Medal Of Honor today and You'll get instant access to beta right from now. You can pre-order the game from EA Store or some other online shops.

Second Way:

The second, which involves much less but is clearly more random: the contest available on the official Facebook fan page of Medal of Honor. The winners of this contest will win a code that will allow them to access the beta from July 5. Once you have a Beta Redemption Key, just go to  to redeem it for a code for the platform of your choice.

Note that in both cases, the beta is available on PC and PS3 and Xbox 360. The Medal of Honor beta for the Xbox 360 is delayed but it is expected to be available next week. For those who prefer to quietly wait for the release of the title October 12 is the release date.

Check the Multiplayer game play video of Medal of Honer at E3: Medal of Honor Beta Gameplay

Medal of Honor PC Beta Client

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