Last King of Africa: Benoit Sokal’s masterpiece finally adapted for the iPhone

Last Last King of Africa: Benoît Sokal’s masterpiece finally adapted for the iPhone. White Birds Productions and Bulkypix proudly present Benoît Sokal’s masterpiece: Last King of Africa – Episode 1: Mardargane. The game will be available within weeks.

Welcome to Maurania

After her plane crashes, a young woman called Ann Smith wakes up in the hospital of Madargane, a city located North of the African country of Maurania.

Who is she? Why is she here? Why do all those who meet her speak fearfully of king Rodon, dictator and absolute maser of Maurania? And what is the true role of the black leopard that is strangely connected to Ann? Ann Smith will have to solve all these mysteries in a fascinating quest to find her own identity.

An Unforgettable Adventure…

A great, mysterious adventure filled with twists and turns that will lead you to the heart of the wonderful imaginary country of Maurania. Exciting riddles will make you progress in an extraordinary story with
a captivating storyline.

Key features :

  • The first game on iPhone from Benoît Sokal, master of adventure (Syberia, Amerzone, etc.)
  • Beautiful graphics and impressive cinematics
  • A unique atmosphere with dozens of different places to explore.
  • A story filled with riddles and encounters.
  • Many different and unique characters
  • An interface perfectly adapted to the iPhone's tactile screen.
  • Trophies and bonuses to unlock: collect all the emeralds from Rodon's lost Treasure.

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