F1 2012 demo available now for Xbox 360

F1 2012

Codemasters has just released F1 2012. The taste is now available for download for Xbox 360 games in NA and Europe, PC across the globe and PS3 gamers in North America will get access to F1 2012 demo on September 11, whereas PS3 gamers in Europe will get it on September 12.

F1 2012 

F1 2012 demo allows gamers access to two new features Young Driver Test and Season Challenge. In the Young Driver Test, which takes inspiration from the real-life event held at Abu Dhabi, players will learn how to handle and get the most out of motorsport’s most exciting and responsive racing cars with a series of tests and videos.

Gamers will then sample Season Challenge, a new game mode where players will compete across just ten races to become the number one driver on the grid. In the demo, gamers will pick a rival and aim to beat them in a five lap race at Monza, the iconic 3.6-mile track where cars can reach a top speed of 218m.p.h.

Download: F1 2012 Demo from Xbox Live Marketplace

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