EA quietly remove new weapons from Battlefield 3 Aftermath and End Game DLC

EA and DICE has quietly removed some content from upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC "Aftermath and End Game". As per the details revealed on official Battlefield 3 Twitter account, both Aftermath and End Game was supposed to feature new weapons, but now it has been officially confirmed that both DLC pack won't feature any new weapons.

Well this is not the first time EA has done this, same thing happened with Armored Kill DLC. Initially it was promised that Armored Kill DLC will feature 5 vehicles unlocks but this never happened and so many Battlefield 3 fans was upset and annoyed with EA and DICE.

The profile page of Aftermath and End Game DLC in Battlelog has been changed as well (additional weapons listed previously has been removed). As a proof of this we have a comparison screenshots of a Battlelog, first image is 3 months old, whereas second image is taken from today's premium section.

See the difference yourself below, and let us know in the comment section below what you guys think about this.

Battlefield 3: Battlelog Image 3 Months Old:

Battlefield 3: Battlelog Screenshot 3 Month Old

Battlefield 3: Battlelog Image NEW ONE:

Battlefield 3: Battlelog Image New One

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