GameInformer GTA V reveal will begin 5PM today (Update)

The much awaited GameInformer reveal of GTA V will begin from 5PM GMT today. GI Editor in Chief has stated on Twitter that today's GTA V reveal will have  tons of screen and information than any other previous Rockstar reveal the magazine have done.

GTA 5The reveal will start exactly a 5PM with GI's GTA V December cover, and it will be followed by first details from 18 page info blowout on the game plus screenshots.

So guys if you have any prior commitment make sure you complete it before 5PM GMT.

Earlier today few details from ShortList magazine was leaked. It stated that GTA V lead character is an "East Coast gangster"


GTA V GameInformer Cover has been revealed, check it out HERE along with tons of new detail about the game.

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