Hitman: Absolution review score from GameInformer and Play3 magazine arrived

Hitman: Absolution from GameInformer and Play 3 magazine has arrived. GI awarded Hitman: Absolution an impressive review score of "8.75/10", whereas on the same lines Play3 awarded "88/100".

About Hitman: Absolution, Play 3 magazine states that it "brilliant mission design, extremely motivating game mechanics". Furthermore, It has also been revealed in the review that Hitman: Absolution campaign is 15 hours long.

Here is a breakdown of Hitman: Absolution review from Play 3 magazine. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • Pros: brilliant mission design, extremely motivating game mechanics
  • Cons: no big story surprises, checkpoint system V
  • Verdict: Good looking game with very well designed missions.
  • Graphics 85/100
  • Sound 91/100
  • Entertainment 91/100
  • 15 hours Campaign
  • Score: 88%


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