First Hitman: Absolution PC Patch released, changelog also out

Square Enix and IO Interactive has released the first patch (1.0.438.0) for PC version of Hitman: Absolution. The publisher has released the changelog for this latest update, you can view it below.

  • Players using the Russian language will no longer crash as soon as they use the sniper rifle.
  • Various issues that have been seen on specific configurations that caused the game to not be able to start up at all have been addressed.
  • Problems with the Sniper Challenge Unlocks not carrying over into Hitman: Absolution have been addressed. On first starting the patched game you will receive your unlocks.
  • o Note that North American users that have been provided the Sniper Challenge by Gamestop will need a separate unlock key in addition to this. Gamestop can provide these.
  • Problems with negative level-scores have been fixed. Newly accomplished positive scores will be needed to erase your incorrectly remembered negative scores.
  • A problem with keyboard and mouse controls where users would accidentally melee attack a person next to them when they intended to throw an item has been addressed.
  • Legal and Intro movies can now be skipped immediately on startup after the game, on all launches but the very first on a machine.
  • DirectX 10 hardware can now enable the simplest version of the Depth Of Field effect.
  • Problems with audio occasionally being muted after ALT-TAB have been fixed.
  • Various localization fixes.
  • Miscellaneous other stability and general improvements based on crashes we have seen coming in.
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