Mass Effect 1 PS3 version: Long Load Time and Frame Rate issues reported by gamers

So finally the night has arrived, PS3 gamers can now play the original game in Mass Effect franchise (Mass Effect 1) on Sony's console. However according to IGN Edition Colin Moriarty, Mass Effect 1 PS3 version is marred by some nasty technical glitch.

Mass Effect 1On Twitter, Colin Moriarty said that Mass Effect 3 has very long load times along with severe texture pop-ins at times and frame rate issues.

A first tweet from Colin reads as "Oh, so I can talk about Mass Effect on PS3 now. It's totally the same for the most part, but there is some strangeness..."

Here is the second tweet, "...long loading times, severe texture pop-in at times, and I had this one time where the framerate dropped so badly that I had to restart."

If you guys can recollect properly, some of the problems mention above were also present in original Xbox 360 release of Mass Effect 1. However this is really a bad news for PS3 gamers because few months ago Bioware promised that Mass Effect 1 on PS3 would feature improved texture popping and overall better performance.

What issue you guys are facing with Mass Effect 1 on PS3?. Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Colin Moriarty Twitter Account via gamingEverything

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