Wii U firmware 2.1.0 U available for download now, improve loading times

Nintendo has just released a brand new hour long Wii U system update. It's a mandatory system update and all Wii U owners are advice to download it. This firmware update is 600 MB in size, and upgrades Wii U to version 2.1.0

Nintendo Wii UHere is a message from Nintendo (via Facebook Page) for all Wii U Owners: "Wii U owners, make sure your Wii U is connected to the Internet to receive a system update that is now available. Please note that this update may take an hour or more to complete depending on your Internet connection. Please do not unplug your console while the update is downloading. For complete information on this update, visit support.nintendo.com/wiiu/update.”–Nintendo Wii U Official Facebook Page."

As per the details we have received from few of our readers, this latest Wii U system update fixes some technical issues. Nintendo has not provided the changelog yet.

Let us know in the comment section below improvements you see after installing this latest Wii U system update.


After installing the newest Wii U firmware update 2.1.0 U, some users are saying that the console is faster. Miiverse specifically boots up much quicker.

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