Resident Evil 6 getting new patch on December 17, changes detailed

Today Capcom has announced that a new patch for Resident Evil 6 will release on December 17. This upcoming patch with bring significant improvements to the game (details of which is listed below).

Resident Evil 6The patch will optimize the in-game camera in-order to disallow wider viewing angle (this is a fans requested change). Check out other possible changes (via German Gaming Website "Playfront")

Translated: "Furthermore, it is possible with the update to combine the English voice with all the available subtitles. With the patch is also the Ada Wong campaign from the beginning of charge and can be played in addition to a Co-op partner.

In addition, the already levels completed the 'No Hope Left' Difficulty added and new outfits are then probably available."

Let us know in the comment section below list of things you want Capcom to fix via this upcoming patch.

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