Tips from Bethesda on Skyrim Dragonborn DLC dragon riding issues

Bethesda on their official support page provided tips and explanations regarding some of the issues Skyrim gamers are facing while trying to control, mount, and fly the dragons in Dragonborn DLC.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLCCheck out some tips from Bethesda on Dragonborn DLC below.

When mounted on a dragon, you are able to equip Ritual spells but unable to cast them. This is by design; you cannot cast Ritual spells while riding a dragon.

When engaging in combat while mounted on the dragon, it is not possible to lock onto another perched dragon. Likewise, if you are fighting a dragon and it perches, it will automatically switch to a new target.

You cannot attack a perched dragon; they will need to wait until the enemy dragon takes flight again.

Turning into a vampire while riding a dragon causes your character to fall.

You should reload a save prior to this occurring and avoid transformations while riding a dragon.

Sometimes when riding a dragon, it will fly straight up into the air for an extended period of time.

In almost all cases you can wait 30-60 seconds and the dragon will return to its normal altitude.

Post-Dragonborn: Cannot ride the first dragon tamed after returning to Skyrim and speaking with an NPC.

To resolve this, you can load a previous save, or fast travel away and tame a different dragon. This only happens on the first dragon tamed after completing the Dragonborn.

How do I use the ability to ride a dragon once I have it?

RESOLUTION: The Bend Will shout works like any other shout. You must hit an enemy dragon with the full three-word version of the shout in order to tame it, and force it to land. Once it lands, you can mount the dragon and ride it.

NOTE: You cannot tame all dragons; especially powerful dragons (Paarthurnax, Alduin, and most “named dragons” for example) will resist the effects of this shout.

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