Irrational Games explains why Multiplayer not included in BioShock Infinite

Irrational Games has finally revealed the reason as to why multiplayer was canned from BioShock Infinite. According to Levine, BioShock Infinite multiplayer was scrapped due to limited time and resources.

BioShock InfiniteIn a recent interview ShackNews, Levine said, "So, like everything, you try certain things, and [with] the multiplayer, we got to a point where we said: ‘okay, this is the you-know-what or get off the pot moment"

"We decided to get off the pot because it wasn’t there yet.

"That makes it sound like I’m dissing on what the guys did. No. Actually, I think they did some really extraordinary stuff, but we felt we didn’t have the resources and time to finish the experiment to the level we wanted to. And we weren’t going to ship something that was not consistent with the overall package."

When asked regarding some details on BioShock Infinite multiplayer content, Levine flatly refused but said "you never know when we’ll go back and revisit something"

"There was some really cool stuff there, but it just wasn’t ready for what we were doing," he said.

BioShock Infinite is schedule to launch on March 26 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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