“A lot of extremely cool, super-secret stuff”: Sony’s Project Morpheus team Member


Sony’s Project Morpheus is an highly interesting part of the Virtual Reality program, it promises to deliver a truly futuristic experience for the new generation of gamers. At the moment no minute details are known about the Project Morpheus.

Project Morpheus

Keeping the project details very well under wraps and fueling our curiosity, Jed Ashforth, from Sony’s Project Morpheus team, said in an interview to ‘virtualrealityreviewer’:

“On the Morpheus side, there’s a lot of extremely cool, super-secret stuff that I’ve tried and that I’d love to be able to tell you about, but we’re not at the point where we’re ready to share them yet.”

For those who are unaware, “Project Morpheus is the codename for an upcoming virtual reality headset produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is designed to be fully functional with the Sony PlayStation 4 and work with the PlayStation Vita. It is currently a prototype and will be released sometime after 2014.”

Inspite of Project Morpheus being in a full fledged development process, there are a very few games which will actually incorporate the use of this virtual reality device. What do you expect this extremely cool, super-secret stuff for Project Morpheus would be? Tell us in the comment section below.